Saturday, June 20, 2009

Colavita Moves into the Number one spot on the NRC rankings!

It was the day before Christmas Eve and I just found out that the director for the original team I was going to work with this year was not going to be with the team. After a few choice words and a bit of complaining. I started to call around to different teams looking to find a new team to work with and the Tour of California was coming up quick. I called team Colavita and was able to work something out and get out to California to start the season at the largest event of the year. Having Lance back in action made this ToC even wilder. I must say that I was a bit nervous meeting the team for the first time because that's always the strangest part and not being with them at training camp made it even worse but hey I can blend with the best of them. I was picked up by the two massage therapist Balee Holt and Susan Somye. We exchanged info about ourselves and had a few laughes and I felt comfortable already and that was important because these ladies would be sending the guys for me to work on and without their approval as "mother Hens" for the team I would be hard pressed to build confidence. I then settled in my room and panicked for a few moments that they would not come into my room ........they did of course and soon I had met all of the American and Italian guys on the team and began to do some work. I finally met Seba Alexander the D.S. of the team and he sat me down with the rest of the team and explained that he had no clue how I would help with the team.....I instantly liked him. I went over how I would contribute and by the middle of the tour I was working on the whole team and most of the staff it was an very difficult week but I grew to respect the team and Athlete's. So Congrat's Team Colavita now hold onto it.

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Bailee "Holty" Holt said...

Hey Rick, thanks for the shout out...It for sure was great having you at ATOC and hopefully we'll be using your skills for the rest of the season. Team Colavita sure appreciates all your hard work!