Tuesday, August 4, 2009

NFL Injury Report: Albert Haynesworth Knee injury

Albert Haynesworth received an injection Sunday to "help cushion" his left knee.
It's the same knee Haynesworth sprained late last season with the Titans.

Albert Haynesworth assured reporters Monday that the knee he's been needing injections in at Redskins camp isn't badly injured.
"It's not serious," Haynesworth said. "If I had to play today, I could." It sounds like he's day to day and the Skins are just taking necessary precautions.
Source: Washington Post

Looking at this case in my opinion the Redskins are going to have some issues with injuries with Haynesworth. Why? Because at 28, 6'6" and 320lbs he is already predisposed to Degenerative Arthritis all over his body and this is the second issue with the knee and to me it sounds like he is getting synvisc injections something we use in sports medicine for Degenerative issues of the knee.(That will not go away) It will act as a cushion and I will bet good money that they drained his knee and also used cortisone injection to decrease inflammation. That type of knee injury will always be waiting to sprout up again even after he passes this acute phase of healing. I don't think I am on a limb when I say he will have various issues with his knee and back that will take him out of the season. Don't expect him to play full season (not great when you spend 100 million on a guy)

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