Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Team!!! RecoveryDoc and Restwise come together

Most of you that follow my blog know that I am passionate about recovery and feel that it's the secret to increased performance in elite level athletics. I recently found Restwise when a professional athlete I know suggested them to me. When I did some research and called the company I could not believe they were on the same page as I was in terms of implementing aspects of recovery.

"Restwise takes the science of recovery out of the lab and puts it into your hands. Answer a brief series of research-based questions on the Restwise website every day and the resulting Recovery Score will, for the first time ever, quantify your body's state of recovery. "

I will be teaming up with Restwise to sponsor a group of varied athletes in different sports, called "Team-Recovery Doc." I will be combining Restwise data and apply them to my five pillars of recovery in addition to all of the modalities at my disposal....

Dartfish Motion Analysis
Class IV Lasers


Functional Movement Assessment
Nutrition.......................etc etc.

We are going to change the way RECOVERY is done.

Check back soon to see who the newest members will be!!!!!

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