Thursday, April 9, 2009

Augusta National, Tiger Woods and previous surgery.....not always a great mix

Spring has sprung, MLB has started and now we have the masters.......that
always makes me feel good because I know the weather is getting warmer and the outdoor sports season begins. So after watching tiger ending 5 strokes back I was thinking about how surgery and injury changes an athletes biomechanics in such a way that it may effect his game. Now don't get to nutty OK, I have not examined tiger personally so I am not saying that his surgery is affecting his present round at Augusta but ......I have treated many atheletes and this has come up so often. My main point is that you have to look at the athelets mechanics more then anything else. I have seen overzelous rehab that changes the athelete and not always for the better. Recovery is so tricky at that level and I think biomechanics is often overlooked. Now I also no that this is no strange spot for Tiger he has never broken 70 on the opening round at Augusta and as he pointed out to a reporter "I also won it four times" plus I know that he is an active advocate for chiropractic, so I am sure he has all his ducks in a row.

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