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Recovery for the Boston Maratthon 2009

BOSTON ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION: Among the nation's oldest athletic clubs, the B.A.A. was established in 1887, and, in 1896, more than half of the U.S. Olympic Team at the first modern games was comprised of B.A.A. club members. The Olympic Games provided the inspiration for the first Boston Marathon, which culminated the B.A.A. Games on April 19, 1897. John J. McDermott emerged from a 15-member starting field to complete the course (then 24.5 miles) in a winning time of 2:55:10. The Boston Marathon has since become the world's oldest annually contested marathon. The addition of principal sponsor John Hancock in 1986 has solidified the event's success and ensures it well into the future. Most of the runners are only thinking of the race on Monday but they should have already started there recovery. What? I hear as a collective yell. Yes they should have a recovery plan for the time during and post race into the first 4 weeks as they let their bodies heal and begin a new training program and avoid injury.
No its time to start a reverse taper the week after a marathon I recommend no running at all not even a 20 min walk the following day to flush out toxins. I recommend that you get on your bike for 20 min instead and do 3 20min to 30 min rides that first week to help with the healing process and flush out the toxins that will be present.

First things First

Get that recovery bottle and drink that carb/protein mix to restore your carbohydrate stores and begin the process of repair. While you do that get out of the mess of people and to a predesignated spot with a little bit of walking involved (take space blanket even if you think your to hot you may cool down to a point you need it). I also have my athletes take a small snack that they find easy to digest after a workout. In addition, your supplements should be taken with this small meal (i.e. omega3,bioflavanoids,mag,multi,enzymes,tumeric,co Q10,glucosamine etc.). Now get out of those nasty clothes and into your post Marathon comfy clothes and a hot shower will always feel good. One thing to note if you have an injury or are very competitive runner then you need to ice/cool down your injured area first and your legs as a whole before that hot shower( a must if you are a pro) Jot down what you think went wrong and always end with what went right. Don't dwell on any negatives enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. That night eat lots of healthy foods and make sure you add more protein than you normally do and skip anything more then a glass of wine or beer you just ran a damn marathon. Sleep is sometimes a problem but you have to get some quality sleep or you will never recover over the next few weeks. Stretch before bed as well.

The Day After

Repeat after me..... I will not run the week after the marathon....... I will not run the week after the marathon. As I stated earlier you can ride a bike for 15 to 20 min this will help a lot. Continue with proper recovery nutrition and sleep and start to dissect the race but always keep that positive spin on what you can do better but at the same time be happy with what you have accomplished. See a sports chiropractor to help with restoration of proper biomechanics and proper healing.

Week 2 and beyond

Week 2

Keep it light short and sweet. ( Can also add some cycling days)

Week 3

Keep most of the runs easy but you can add some tempo runs at 15 - 30 seconds faster than marathon pace.

Week 4

Gentle tempo runs and strides. Increase distance gradually of runs. Keep doing those easy runs.

Week 5

More tempo runs and strides. Slightly longer long run.

Week 6

OK your basically back to normal now don't rush the process or you will end up in my office for an injury consultation instead of a recovery training one. You can now start a gradual speed program now and doing some nice intervals. Remember that your body and tissues need time to heal and recover.

Lastly I wanted to wish good luck to all my athlete's that are running the Boston Marathon (remember what I told You) and to an old friend and high school teammate.....the guy who when I think about it...... got me out of my house as kid and onto the cross country team thanks Pesc! and Break that 3H mark bud.

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