Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fore Your Health

With the recent reappearance of Tiger Woods on the ESPN highlight reel, and the sudden (but welcomed) change in weather, people are flocking to their local golf courses. Golf, which is often considered a leisure sport, is anything but that.

Ask any of the Pro's! Golf is a sport that requires proper posture, strength and balance. It is very demanding of the muscles and joints of the body, and induces tremendous one-sided torque on the spine. So whether your teeing off at your local 9-hole course, or putting on the 18th of Augusta, proper precautionary measures should be taken.

Proper shoes, orthotics, as well as a specific stretching routine are all necessary before beginning each round. Hydration techniques as well as modified stretching throughout are necessary to help prevent injury. These practices are extremely important to help lessen the stress of the game. In fact, amongst the many medical personnel employed by the PGA, they also have an on-site Chiropractor to ensure proper warm up, as well as any complications faced by Tiger, Phil, and company.

Here in our Fairfax office, we help plenty of golfers with their warm-up routines, orthotics, as well as any golf related aches, pains and/or injuries.

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