Friday, April 3, 2009

Football and Kinesio Tape

Even though the Giants were not participating, this past Super Bowl was a great game. The game went right down to the last minute, and was action packed from start to finish. Though it may not have been as great as last years Super Bowl, I would have to say it might be a close second!

Even more impressive than the game itself, was the number of Kinesio Tape applications I saw on multiple players. They were most apparent on the Cardinals linemen, which seemed to have a few shoulder stability techniques applied. It was great advertisement for the technique as well, as we had multiple patients come in to our Fairfax office this past week, all mentioning the "Kinesio Tape" seen during the Super Bowl.

Kinesio Tape is a technique that we use in many of our clinics, including right here in Fairfax. It's a rehab technique thats useful in stabilization, stretching, pain control, etc... all while encouraging movement! This technique has been effective for over 25 years, but has recently received a lot of publicity from its prevalence in the 2008 Olympics.

Check out this YouTube video, which features Kinesio Tape on CBS Health Watch!

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